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Nice, and a bit scary

01.02.2016 / 17:37

I really enjoyed the last few weeks at home. Tomorrow, I will go back to the hospital. I will have chemotherapy for a week and then I will have my stem cell transplant. (Thank you, anonymous donor!) If all goes well, I will be back home in about four weeks from now.

Although I will need many, many months of revalidation thereafter, it’s nice to see the actual therapy hopefully drawing to a close.

Frankly, it’s also a bit scary. On the short term, I am definitely not looking forward to four weeks in hospital. More fundamentally, the new stem cells I will receive should really clean up any last remaining cancer cells in my body. Otherwise – well, I’m not completely sure what we will do otherwise. I guess we can worry about that later if we need to…

For now, I’m mostly hopeful and confident: I wish you all a hopeful and confident 2016 too!

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