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A tough old bird

Objavio/la: sveetmacura u blogu A tough old bird u 19:31 24/04/15

My grandma lived for years with stage iv cancer.  It was systemic and would pop up in various parts of her body and organs.  Doctors would treat it and it would often subside until it resurfaced elsewhere.  It was what took her in the end, but it never got her down.  She had so much hope and faith and attributed her ability t...

Importance of cancer awareness

Objavio/la: nisawahab u blogu Kako poslije tebe? u 17:32 20/04/15

  Cancer is the second cause of premature deaths globally. In Malaysia, a total of 18,219 new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2007. Cancer is preventable and potentially avoidable disease, mainly by tackling modifiable risk factors, increasing participation in cancer screening tests and early det...

Grief Resources for Children

Objavio/la: zzimah u blogu Explaining Difficult Events to Children u 19:15 15/04/15

Losing a loved one is difficult for people of all-ages. Even when we think we are prepared for a death of a loved one, we may find ourselves feeling differently when that time actually comes.  After the death of a loved one, many people may become overwhelmed with the intensity of their feelings and wonder if these feelings are normal. ...

Stand Up 2 Cancer Blog

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Blogovi o različitim tipovima raka u 21:23 08/01/15

The Lighthouse Effect Posted on November 11, 2014, 7:00 AM   ...

Cure Magazine Blog

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Blogovi o različitim tipovima raka u 21:15 08/01/15

Lauren Hill, Student Athlete Diagnosed with Rare Brain Cancer, Reaches Goal of $1 Million for Research Lauren Hill, a freshman student-athlete at Mount St. Joseph University, has inspired many with her commitment to fulfilling her dream of playing college basketball despite a diagnosis of diff...

An Impassioned Woman, A Young Man, And A Message About Tobacco That Can Teach All Of Us A Lesson

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Dr. Len's Cancer Blog u 21:08 08/01/15

With a dedication and thanks to Carolyn for her passion about the impact of smoking, especially on our youth. ++++++++++++   You never know when something special is going to happen, as in one of those times when you just wish you had a camera rolling to capture a moment, a comment, a statement about the w...

Number Of Skin Cancers And Costs Of Treatment Have Increased Dramatically Reinforcing Need For Prevention

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Dr. Len's Cancer Blog u 21:05 08/01/15

The researchers took a look at the number of skin cancers--both melanoma and non-melanoma--that were diagnosed in the United States for two different periods of time, from 2002-2006 and 2007-2011. They also examined the total cost of care for the treatment of those patients. Continue reading ...

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Blogovi o raku dojke u 20:54 08/01/15

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) a blog by a non-profit organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is a national, nonprofit organization located outside Philadelphia. Our missio...

I Survived Damn Near Everything

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Blogovi o raku dojke u 20:46 08/01/15

Carole Sanek’s "I Survived Damn Near Everything" blog   I Survived Damn Near Everything...sometimes serious stuff, sometimes the comedy of life Surviving selecting the unfriend option on Facebook Pinktober may be over but NEVER let your guard down. Be your own best friend. Pink is NOT...

No cancer? Give chemo.

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Blog onkologa dr. James C. Salwitza u 22:59 12/10/14

Think you know something about oncology?  OK then, pop quiz: If you are giving chemotherapy to a patient who does not have cancer, how can you tell if it works?  Ridiculous question?  Not at all.  The answer to that question is; “hopefully, we will never know,” and it is at the core of modern cancer car...