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Nice, and a bit scary

Objavio/la: Suncica Hadzidedic u blogu Erik Duval's Weblog u 17:37 01/02/16

I really enjoyed the last few weeks at home. Tomorrow, I will go back to the hospital. I will have chemotherapy for a week and then I will have my stem cell transplant. (Thank you, anonymous donor!) If all goes well, I will be back home in about four weeks from now. Although I will need many, many months of revalidation thereafter, it&rs...

Happy you are still here

Objavio/la: leemoora u blogu Killed Cancer u 16:56 06/06/15

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago.  She is like my second Mother.  She was always the type to push us to go to get our health checkups, but not one to really practice what she preached.  She was feeling ill for days, but would not go to the doctor.  She thought maybe it was just the flu coming on, as it was...

middiagnosed cancer

Objavio/la: LoriHackney u blogu parents with cancer u 16:32 06/06/15

my father passed away in 2013 after being very sick for a while. the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. it wasn't until his autopsy that we found out he had lung, pancreatic, spin, and brain cancer. I wish we had better doctors here who could have caught it and treated him sooner. I miss him every day and feel like I let him do...


Objavio/la: awang1996 u blogu Prevention u 19:33 05/06/15

Although alot of the people on this site are convinced that anyone can prevent cancer through the use of superfoods or healthy methods, that is simply not true. How well someone can prevent cancer varys greatly, and a few factors cannot completely determine what happens to that person. It is ignorant to say that eating tomatoes, for example, wil...


Objavio/la: warain u blogu protecting myself u 19:23 05/06/15

I am working to gather information to create a healthy way of eating out and what the best chioces are. The best way to treat cancer is to avoid it. I would love to hear how you are addressing the issue of staying healthy and still being able to go out to eat. ...


Objavio/la: stargazermg u blogu Prevention u 17:58 05/06/15

I think with all we know about various cancer preventions, it would be foolish not to use them. Adding superfoods to your diet becomes second nature after a time....

extending lives in brain cancer

Objavio/la: rindo u blogu latest stuff from ASCO u 17:21 05/06/15

Results from a study investigating a new treatment for brain tumors were released last week. This new treatment extended the survival of several patients many months beyond what would be expected with conventional treatment. Moreover, the treatment added no new side effects. This treatnment could be on the market in 1 to 2 years....

Understanding how cancer is fatal so quickly

Objavio/la: ruthryan34 u blogu Quick onset u 16:22 05/06/15

My father was diagnosed with liver cancer mid Janurary five years ago by his family doctor. He went to a specialist and had the usual options of chemo and radiation with other meds. He choose to take radiation as that was the option the doctor said would be best. In three months he had passed after what seemed like a promising prognosis to begin...


Objavio/la: cmatt01 u blogu Cmatt01 Blog u 16:22 05/06/15

I will address ideas and information concerning diet, exercise, and alternative treatments for cancer on this blog.  Check back for more information....

Beginners Nutrition

Objavio/la: WillyWorkAccnt u blogu Living Healthy; Living Happy u 16:02 05/06/15

Basic nutrition is not an overly difficult concept, but it is one that often gets mislabed, misused, and is generally misunderstood. Even the things I will be writing about shouldn't be taken at face value and should be double and triple checked, always cross referenced, and most importantly, should aim to help, not hinder. We consume fo...