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Which cancers I worry about

Objavio/la: Articlero u blogu Concerns As I Grow Older u 16:01 05/06/15

As I grow older and gain more knowledge about cancers, I have become somewhat worried about certain cancers. 1) Skin cancer - I am fairly dark skinned so I did not use things like sunscreen often. Now I am concerned about skin cancer, especially during times where I have skin conditions like cracked skin. I always worry that it may be so...


Objavio/la: MindNumbing u blogu Home u 15:59 05/06/15

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in November of 2013. It was one of the most devistating pieces of information I have evr recieved. I was almost dumbfounded because I could not believe that my own father had cancer. He had smoked fro nearly 40 years and then one day he had just quit cold turk...

Just read this article about cancer myths

Objavio/la: joshuaoakley u blogu Learning About Cancer(s) u 15:56 05/06/15 This seems like it made a few people mad who read it, possibly because it hit too close to home for a voc...

The Diagnosis

Objavio/la: starbux u blogu Documenting My Family Journey u 15:52 05/06/15

At first, it truly came as a shock. My mother has always been the picture of health.  A confident woman who exercised daily, ate healthy, and was always looking for ways to improve her health.  She was diangnosed with breast and ovarian cancer on the same day.  We were confused. We were hurt.  We were in shock.  How coul...

smoking and lung cancer

Objavio/la: crystallane u blogu My First Blog u 15:50 05/06/15

I smoke and the thought and statistics on lung cancer are scary.  About 1 in 10 smokers will get lung cancer. That I need to quit smoking....


Objavio/la: mikeywaldo u blogu Hello u 15:44 05/06/15

When I was 22 i had my left testicle removed due to testicular cancer. This blog will detail my journey....

Am I at Risk?

Objavio/la: Dana L Dunn Dana L Dunn u blogu Ovarian Cancer u 15:41 05/06/15

I am a female who is overweight and considered to be obese. I have worries that i may possibly become diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I have had a few issues in the past but thankfully they have been negative results. Does anyone know about obesity and Ovarian Cancer? Any help would be greatly appreciated....


Objavio/la: rosengurtler u blogu First Post u 15:19 05/06/15

A couple years ago, my mother was diagnoses with NHL B-cell Lymphoma, she had a good prognosis and the doctors went in and removed part of her thryroid. She had to undergo radiation and I know that was hard on her but she isn't the type to let on just how much something is bothering her. Her treament went well and she was declared cancer free. T...


Objavio/la: admiral.john u blogu Testing My Blog u 15:00 05/06/15

I've never had cancer but when I was 9 I had a tumor in my lung that, for a time, was thought to be cancer and treated as cancer, resulting in the bottom 2/3 of my right lung being removed. ...

My mom

Objavio/la: bfi1000 u blogu Worry and Prevention u 19:37 04/06/15

A few years back my mom passed away after a grueling fight with Colon Cancer. She fought it since I was thirteen and I can remember all of the signs going back for years, but at the time it was never something she wanted to expose me or my sister to. It was a private battle she fought herself.Overt he years I have managed to, for the...